Since its inception in 2001, FOOTPRINTS has been rendering a platform to technical minds all over the country. From paper presentations to mind tickling workshops, FOOTPRINTS has got it all for engineering students all over. Last year, as an addition to our knowledge-providing saga, we had organized a “School Event”, aiming to enrich India’s young talent with technical brilliance. The event was a model rocketry workshop conducted by ‘Aero Sports Association’, Baroda, and had participation from various schools across Baroda. It was for the students of class 8th to 12th, conducted on 8th and 9th of February 2014. The workshop included a lecture on basic concepts of model rocketry, construction of model and launching it. Students were provided with kits, using which they made the rocket. They understood the stability, launching and recovery for the model rocket. At the end of the workshop, each team was given a challenge for the competition, which was held on 12thFebruary. The top 11 teams from the competition launched their rockets at the Faculty on 22ndFebruary. Also, students from various schools visited the event, thus got an exposure to advance technical knowledge in various fields. In 2016 “School Events” are going to be no less in the widening the horizons of students in all technical respects. It will not only challenge the technical aspects of young school minds but will also enhance it. The “School Students” will have bountiful of scope to think in their own way and make a difference. The technical challenges will make the participants feel more vivacious. The event not only trains the young minds but also gives a technical direction to the thoughts.