Historical Lies

Most of us live in an illusion that we know our history correctly; the discoveries , controversies and the mysteries of the past. But do we also know the other side of these stories?
Our symbol of love, the Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in memories of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.But the annexes, cascades, majestic gardens, archeded verandahs suggest otherwise. There exists controversies about it claiming that Indira Gandhi showed us this fact to gain muslim votes. Some carbon dating researches also claim that it is a shiv mandir.
Many of us have heard the tale that a cannonball fired by Napoleon's soldier hit the Sphinx's nose, that stands in front of the pyramid of Khafre, and caused it to break off. On the other hand sketches of the Sphinx by Dane Frederick well before the era of Napoleon illustrate the sphinx without a nose and contradicts the first tale. Also certain sources claim that it happened due to whethering.The actual fact still remains debatable.
Also some accounts show that the greeks used the 'Trojan Horse' to destroy the independent city of 'Troy' in their battle against them. But the actual truth still remains a mystery.
Our history textbooks and online sites have inserted many facts in our minds. But digging deeper into them brings into light many versions of the same story. As time travel is still just a future sight, there is no other concrete way to know the actual truth. So the choice of which side of the story to believe in lies in your hands!

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