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Hushhh! Let me tell you a secret. You know it's something that I’m telling everybody to tell nobody!

We see people whispering to each other. Have you observed that people are more attracted to your whispers than your normal conversations? And it is also seen that when a person shares his/her secret with another person, that person assumes that he tops his/her priority list. But it is often observed that this “so assumed priority” list keeps on changing frequently.

Based on these illustrations, we have postulated the law of evolution of secrets:- This law states that the more you emphasize the person to keep the secret to oneself, the more it spreads. It means that the evolution of secrets is directly proportional to the intensity of forbidance. This law is backed up through many examples. The period of trauma created by Hitler for the Jews is well known. But the death of the creator of terror itself remains a mystery. One version states that he died by poison only and another view claimed he died by a self-inflicted gunshot while biting down on a cyanide capsule. Another theory states that Hitler was murdered by one of his several enemies. Ironically, people say that his secret was taken to his grave but the fact remains that now the entire world knows about this. And above all we don’t even have the slightest idea whether this speculation of ours matches with the actual reality.


Have you shared any secrets with someone which you have not shared with anyone else? Who is your secret keeper? Do you really think that your secret is preserved by your secret keeper? Do you know secrets of other people? If yes, how well have you preserved them?

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