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How comfortable are you with lying?

There is a beautiful saying that goes as “Every human being has 3 faces.” The first face that you show to the world, the second face you show to your family and close friends and the third face is the one you never show anyone, and that’s your truest reflection of who you are. The need to lie comes from the desire to hide your true nature and intentions. One needs to understand that lying is more than just hiding the truth. Whenever one hides the truth from someone, then the only logical aftermath to it will be such that the other person remains unaware of the reality of the situation. Whereas whenever an incorrigible liar fabricates a scenario with the goal of lying then they make an imaginary reality that may or may not have other persons or objects associated with it. Here is where the real problem for the liar starts, they tend to live in the moment and once they’ve successfully lied to someone they often tend to forget their own fabricated plastic reality.

Human beings are mysterious and when a lie includes more than two persons i.e. the liar and the patsy, it opens to a number of complications. The more the number of people in a fabricated lie, the more will be the chances of it to get exposed and hence comes the saying, “To hide a lie, a thousand more lies are needed.”

So the challenge is, how can one lie in today’s fast-paced world. One can be comfortable in lying when they are confident that they’ve fabricated the reality almost unbreakable. Moreover talking about lies, it’s also mentioned in the Mahabharata by Lord Krishna, one should lie if it’s for a greater good and what we as the newer generation can deduce by this is – we often say that ignorance is bliss and sometimes it’s good to keep people you care about in the dark by a lie rather than shining on the bright light of truth and get them worried if it’s something they’re not comfortable with.

In the end we can conclude by saying – yes, lie if you can hide and manipulate people and facts for your good as the path to power is paved with lies, but lying indeed is a two-edged sword; once caught and you’ll never be trusted but it also demands a high price if not caught. A well-fabricated lie will take a lot of your mental peace and in the end, you’d be asking yourself if the lie was really worth the guilt and mental efforts? If yes then keep on lying but if not then one shouldn’t walk on this path.

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