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UM Motorcycle Expo

Make unstoppable riding your passion and let the two wheels mark their territory. So twist the throttles and ride till the road ends as FootprintsX8 presented "The Expo" by UM Motorcycles.

Solar Power Bank

Solar charging your phone is normal but photonic charging straightaway is possible now. FootprintsX8 presented Sol-ka an auto charging power bank.

Eco Bulb

The amalgamation of ecosystem and technology is the concept for an ideal future, which is straightaway possible. FootprintsX8 presented "The Eco-bulb".

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the newest era of technology, is a futuristic world that we are creating. FootPrintsX8 envisioned the future with Al personal assistant- ALEXA.

Smart Mirror

A display supporting speech recognition and face recognition, till date, was just a mere dream. But FootprintsX8 brought before you an opportunity to explore the world through a transparent mirror- smart mirror.

Go Kart (Team Pegasus)

FootPrintsX8 presented Team Pegasus who made everybody fasten their seatbelts and VROOM with their latest technology.

She Watch

Technology in India has gained great heights but women safety has not. Think about your wrist with an equipment, proficient to knock down the imbeciles! FootprintsX8 presented "She Watch", a stylish smartwatch to assure women immunity..

Manual Treadmill Cycle

Ever experienced walking on a totally manual treadmill cycle? FootprintsX8 presented the manual treadmill cycle to have a neoteric experience.

Star Laboratories

Technology is limited to the horizons, the far you go the more ambit you will find. Make your imaginations meet authenticity and your ideas reach to the universe as STAR LABORATORIES launched a miniature version of rocket in FootprintsX8.

360 Degree Camera

Virtual reality is a gateway to another dimension.360 degree view was narrowed down to a single screen image as Shilp Maitri innovative LLP presented : PPTVR application and 360 degree camera.

Gesture Controlled Robot

Thinking and creating are bridged through technology. With every leap of technology the bridge is shortened as mountains shift their tip with just gestures. Innovative Brains' Academy presented "Gesture controlled robot" to contrieve the winter.

Human Sized Air Gun

Containing excitement is effortful as the emotions always tend to projectile out. FootPrints presented an airgun powered by Pneumatics which could shoot at varied elevations.

Robosketching Arm

The creativity of artificial intelligence was showcased as a man made magnum opus brought out ingenuity through its sketches.

Self Cleaning Robot

This time FootPrints had come up with a newflanged segment "The Proshow". Tomartech presented *citro v1.0* - the self cleaning robot, which was efficient in making house cleaning simpler and effortless.

Gyroscopic Bike and Pressure Bike

Force hit the torque , motion achieved its momentum, pressure became energy and angles went straight this time as Hooak brought to you gyroscopic bike , pressure bike and many other rides.