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  • Problem Statement

Trout out your programming skills and grappel yourself a win.

  • Rounds
  • Rules

Elimination \ Round :

Round 1 :
  • It is a debugging round.
Round 2 :
  • Participants will be required to code the given problems using JAVA.
Round 3 :
  • It will be revealed on the day of event.
  • All rounds will take place in the college premises during the 3 days of event i.e. there are no online eliminations for this contest.
  • This is strictly an individual participation event.
  • The coding should be done in JAVA only. Use of any other language is not allowed.
  • Use of any kind of data transfer peripherals(CD, pen-drives, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Coding should be done in stipulated time only. No extra time will be given for thinking.
  • Use of rough papers is allowed.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of core committee will be final.



Participation Fees


  • Event Incharge