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  • Problem Statement

It is a paper presentation event related to computer and IT department

  • Specifications
  • Rules
  • Abstract Details

The following are some guideline themes which will give you an idea of the topics you can choose. But these are just to help you. You are free to select any theme you like and come up with great innovations. So do not limit yourselves to these problem statements.

  • Cyber Crime and Security
  • Nano Computing
  • Network Security
  • Wi-Fi / Wi-Max
  • Mobile Networking
  • Object Oriented Technologies
  • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Algorithms
  • Business Intelligence ERP
  • Grid Computing
  • New Operating Systems – Windows 8
  • 4G Wireless Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence in Machines
  • Biometric Computing
  • Blue Ray – Future of DVDs
  • Gesture Recognition and Programming
  • Intelligent RAM: IRAM
  • Internet Cryptography
  • Microcontroller based Automation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Make a presentation on any technical topic related to Computer/IT Engineering field.
  • The time specifications are ‘8 + 2 +5 = 15 min’. Presentation time is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • There will be a warning bell at the end of 8 minutes, indicating the remainder of 2 minutes to conclude your presentation. The next 5 minutes are reserved for questions from the judges or the present audience.
  • No extra time after 10 minutes will be given to any participant and he/she is expected to stop as soon as their time is completed. Participants are free to bring their own Laser Pointers or Hand Pointers and none will be provided by the Core Committee.
  • The presentation can be made in Power Point or Flash. All the Participants are required to bring a hard copy of a typewritten report containing all the descriptive details of the topic of the presentation. The text should not exceed 8 A4 sheets, with details being Times New Roman, Size 12 with 1.5 line spacing being mandatory. This copy is to be handed over to the coordinator present.
  • A format for the presentation will be uploaded shortly and will be sent via mail to the participants short-listed for the first round.
  • The 8 page report is excluding ‘only picture pages’ which may be added in between as per requirement. A page on bibliography is recommended to be added at the end of the report.
  • Participants are requested to bring the files on a CD or a pen-drive (Floppy discs should not be used).The presentation’s soft copy and the text papers should under no circumstances bear the name of the participants or the college; any case of this rule being violated will lead to disqualification.
  • Only those teams whose abstract is short listed will be qualified to deliver the presentation on the event day. The selected teams will be notified by the Core Committee.
  • The abstract must be concise consisting of 250-300 words either in word or pdf format.
  • The abstract may contain maximum 3 pictures in relevance with the subject.
  • The content must be written in Times New Roman font of size 12 with 1.5” spacing.
  • The topic of presentation, name of participants, college name and e-mail ids must be clearly mentioned in the abstract.
  • Only those teams whose abstract is short listed are subjected to pay the event fees. The abstract has to be mailed on protocol@msufp.in by 16th Feb’20.


Maximum 2

Participation Fees


  • Event Incharge