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  • Problem Statement

FootPrintsX10 presents an enhanced version of Runtime, an event to test your skills to optimize the C/C++ programming. The challenge is to code the real life problems to the computer world using C/C++ interviewing different stages of coding and scoring the most.

  • Rounds
  • Rules

Elimination \ Round :

  • Participants need to register for the event prior to taking the test.
  • There is 50 rupees registration fees to appear for the elimination test.
  • Only the participants qualifying to the first round will have to pay the participation fees after the results of the elimination test are declared.
  • Each participant can take up the elimination test only once.
  • Second attempt of the same by any participant with the same registration code will not be eligible.
  • A team has to qualify in the online eliminations to participate in the next round.
  • Further details will be uploaded soon.
  • The team should comprise of strictly 2 participants.
  • The coding should be done in C/C++ only. Use of any other languages in not allowed.
  • Use of any kind of data transfer peripherals (CD, Pen drives, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Coding should be done in the stipulated time. No extra time will be given for thinking.
  • Use of rough papers is allowed.


Compulsory 2

Participation Fees

50(Initial) + 50(Next Round)

  • Event Incharge