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  • Problem Statement

An open hardware and software project exhibition where projects with new perceptions are welcome.

  • Rounds
  • Rules
  • Judging Criteria


    •    The participants have to submit a single PDF or Microsoft Word document containing the following during the event in hard copy and soft copy under heading     “OXxxxx” where “xxxx” is the unique Team ID given at the time of registration:

    • Title of the Project
    • Functionality (Tasks that your hardware or software is supposed to do)
    • Areas of application(if any).
    •  List of hardware components used.
    • List of different softwares used(if any).
    • Labeled schematic diagram including the circuit diagrams of self-designed components. All readymade components should be shown as black boxes.
    • Steps of construction, preferably make a flowchart of the proposed plan of construction.
    • Innovation of the product.
    • The department which should judge its entry.


         Judge’s decision will be final and binding.
         The participants will have to come with the final working models.
         The teams will have to exhibit their model on the same day.
         Any special software or hardware required to run their hardware effectively should be arranged for by the participants themselves.




  • Participants need to register for the event prior to taking the test.
  • Teams should not reveal their identity anywhere in the submission. Mention the unique Team ID given during registration in the first page
  • The team has to send an abstract and their requirements (plug points, etc) at openx@msufp.in by 17th Feb’20 .
  • It is compulsory to bring the abstract during the day of the event.
  • Achieved target: How far is the hardware able to achieve desired objective?
  • Functionality: The various functions that the hardware performs and the complexity of each function.
  • Design optimization: Minimization of critical design parameters like powerr consumption, space, friction losses, heat losses and other leakages without adversely affecting its operation/working.
  • Hardware utilization: Effective & extensive use of hardware to perform desired functions.
  • Presentation: this part carries points for the posters that the teams prepare and the question answer round with the judges.
  • Optional judging parameters: The teams have to choose 4 parameters from this pool which suits their hardware:
    • Cost effectiveness & commercial viability
    • User friendliness
    • Upgradeability
    • Portability
    • Innovation in application (clubbing of already existing functions to increase the application and use of the resultant hardware)
    • Advancement in scientific & technological forefront
    • Design simplicity
    • Use in practical life
    • Industrial production (ease in mass manufacture)


Maximum 5

Participation Fees


  • Event Incharge