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  • Problem Statement

Design a vehicle powered by a chemical reaction which is capable of completing a given task.

  • Rules
  • Specification
  • Judging Criteria
  • Three trials will be given and the best of the three will be considered.
  • No explosive, hazardous or harmful chemicals can be used for the chemical reaction. (Coke and Mentos reaction not allowed.)
  • Complete measures of safety must be taken care of.
  • The final decision lies in the hands of Core Committee of FootPrintsX10.
    • The dimensions of the car must be maximum of (50x40x30) cm.
    • Any SELFMADE mechanism involving chemical reactions will be accepted.
    • Maximum time of 5 minutes will be given for a single attempt.
    • Use of commercial batteries will not be allowed.
    • The car must be an autonomous vehicle and cannot be controlled remotely. Pushing to start the vehicle or using a mechanical starting device is not allowed.
  • Innovativeness of the design
  • Stability of the design
  • Economy of the vehicle
  • Mechanism involved


Maximum 3

Participation Fees


  • Event Incharge