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  • Problem Statement

Prepare a working or a non-working mechanism/model related to chemical industry.

  • Rounds
  • Rules
  • Specification
  • Judging Criteria
  • Abstract Details
  • Presentation Details
  • Event consists of a single round wherein the participants have to present their model in front of the judge.
  • In case of a working model, the demonstration for the same has to be given.
  • Participants will have to face some questions from the judge regarding their model.
  • Presentation regarding the model has to be prepared.
  • The participant(s) should send the abstract details regarding their model.
  • In case of a working model, the requirement of the participant(s) (eg. Electric supply ) has to be sent along with the abstract before 16th February, 2020.
        Participants will receive the confirmation mail stating whether their requirements will be met or not.
  • Model should be strictly related to Process industry.
  • Presentation is compulsory.
  • Abstract should be of 300-400 words in Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF format.
  • Total time allotted for the presentation will be 15 minutes. 10 minutes for presentation and showing the mechanism involved and 5 minutes for judges’ questions.
  • It should be clearly mentioned in the abstract that whether the model is working or not.
  • Clearly mention the requirements needed for the working of your model (water, electric supply etc).
  • Teams should have a copy of presentation along with them during the event.
  • Innovativeness
  • Content of the presentation and concepts used
  • Economic design
  • Efficiency of the model (if working)
  • Feasibility
The abstract should contain the following:
  • Name of the event
  • Team ID
  • Name(s) of the participant(s)
  • College
  • Year of study
  • Name of the equipment
  • Photograph of the equipment clearly showing the mechanisms used
  • Specify clearly whether your equipment is working or non-working
  • Clearly mention the requirements needed for the working of your model (eg water, electric supply etc)
Abstract Specifications:
  • Specify the dimensions clearly in the format of L cm x B cm x H cm. Describe the mechanism used in brief.
  • You have to mail the abstract to chemx@msufp.in by 16th Feb’20 . The equipment should match all the specifications mentioned in the abstract as this sheet will be given to the judges during the presentation. The teams are advised to carry a copy of the abstract sheet with them during the event.
  • Presentation time is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. There will be a warning bell at the end of 10 minutes, indicating the remainder of 2 minutes to conclude your presentation. The next 3 minutes are reserved for questions from the judges or the present audience.
  • Participants are free to bring their own Laser Pointers or Hand Pointers and none will be provided by the Core Committee. The presentation can be made in Power Point or Flash. All the participants are required to bring a hard copy of a typewritten report containing all the descriptive details of the topic of the presentation.
  • Font: Times New Roman, Size 12 with 1.5″ line spacing being mandatory. This copy is to be handed over to the Coordinator present during the event.
  • Participants are requested to bring the files on a CD or a pen-drive (Floppy discs should not be used).The presentation soft copy and the text papers should under no circumstances bear the name of the participants or the college; any case of this rule being violated will lead to disqualification.


Maximum 3

Participation Fees


  • Event Incharge