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  • Problem Statement

It is a paper presentation event related to Chemical Engineering Department.

  • Rules
  • Specification
  • Abstract
  • Make a presentation on any technical topic related to Chemical field.
  • The time specifications are ‘8 + 2 + 5 = 15 min’. Presentation time is limited to a maximum of 10 minutes. There will be a warning bell at the end of 8 minutes, indicating the remainder of 2 minutes to conclude your presentation. The next 5 minutes are reserved for questions from the judges or the present audience. No extra time after 10 minutes will be given to any participant and he/she is expected to stop as soon as their time is completed.
  • Participants are free to bring their own Laser Pointers or Hand Pointers (Inappropriate pointers will not be allowed.) and none will be provided by the Core Committee.
  • The presentation can be made in MS Power Point or Flash (MS Power Point recommended).
  • All the participants are required to bring a hard copy of a typewritten report containing all the descriptive details of the topic of the presentation (i.e. the hard copy of the presentation prepared). The text should not exceed 8 A4 sheets, with details being Times New Roman, Size 12 with 1.5 line spacing being mandatory. This copy is to be handed over to the Coordinator present.
  • A format for the presentation and list of the topics will be uploaded shortly and will be sent via mail to the participants.
  • The 8-page report is excluding ‘only picture pages’ which may be added in between as per requirement. A page on bibliography is recommended to be added at the end of the report.
  • Participants are requested to bring the files on a CD or a pendrive and the participants are suggested to carry a backup copy of the same with them. The presentation soft copy and the text papers should under no circumstances bear the name of the participants or the college; any case of this rule being violated will lead to disqualification.
  • Only those teams whose abstract is short listed will be qualified to deliver the presentation on event day. The selected teams will be notified by the Core Committee.
  • Final decision lies in the hands of Core Committee of FootPrintsX10.
  • Send your abstracts to synopsis@msufp.in by 16th Feb’20 .
  • The abstract must be concise, consisting of 250-300 words either in Word or PDF format.
  • The abstract may contain maximum 8 pictures in relevance with the subject.
  • The content must be written in Times New Roman font of size 12 with 1.5”(default) spacing.
  • The topic of presentation, name of participant(s), college name and e-mail IDs must be clearly mentioned in the abstract. Only those teams whose abstract is short listed are subjected to pay the event fees.
Sample Topics :
  • Advance Separation Technology
  • Air Monitoring Equipments
  • Coal Bed Methane as Natural Gas Source
  • Green Chemistry in Industrial Context
  • Sludge De-watering Technology
  • Nano Filtration
  • Mix Bed Exchangers 


Maximum 2

Participation Fees


  • Event Incharge