Innovative Product Competition

Project related Event

Problem Statement

An open hardware and software project/innovation/idea exhibition for MSU students where project/innovation/idea with new perceptions are welcomed.


1. In this event, only students of the Maharaja Sayajiroa University of Baroda can participate.
2. This event consists of two rounds.
3. Maximum five participants can participate as a team.
4. Participants have to download abstract format, which is given below.
5. Participants have to fill all the necessary information mentioned in the format.
6. The abstract can contain maximum 3 pictures in relevance with the topic in which they are presenting on and should also add at least-2 figures, compulsory one is flowchart and second is Block diagram.
7. The content must be written in Times New Roman font of size 12 with 1.5” spacing.
8. The participants have to mail the abstract of the topic on which they are presenting to before 10th March 2021


1. Presentations should be made in MS Powerpoint. We will not provide any format you have to make your Presentation as you like but it should be professional.
2. Presentation can have a maximum of 20 slides.
3. Make a Presentation on your project. The time specifications are ‘10 + 2 + 3 = 15 min’.
4. Presentation time is limited to a maximum of 12 minutes. There will be a warning bell at the end of 10 minutes, indicating the remainder of 2 minutes to conclude your presentation. The next 2 minutes are reserved for questions from the judges or the present audience.
5. No extra time after 12 minutes will be given to any participant and he/she is expected to stop as soon as their time is completed.
6. Here, Participants have to show their product/model (prior recorded video or photographs will be accepted) with explanation/working of project/innovation/idea.


1. How far your project/innovation/idea approaches to Practical implementation or ready for market.
2. Potential of your project/innovation/idea in market .
3. Uniqueness of your project/innovation/idea.
4. Realisticness of your project/innovation/idea.
5. Documentation and presentation skills.


Any faculty student of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda can participate and grab the opportunity to present their product/model.
NOTE : Participants will also get the participation certificate, if and only if the participant be present during the event.


Event Incharge

  • Deep Gandhi
  • Darshan Dabgar