Making our alumni our advisors

Because as N R Narayan Murthy said, 'Nobody is more bothered about an institution than its alumni.'

purpose behind revival of portal

1. To connect with the alumni and know their perspectives on where they would like the event to head towards and how they would like to define "think beyond".

2. To seek alumni guidance for the CCMs in the field they think are professionals. It can be designing, VFX, website, global approaches, technical departments, etc. The very same departments that FootPrints has been conducting over the years and is still continuing.

3. To reach out to its roots by meeting and greeting people that preserved the legacy. We wish to not just complete the event year by year but rather add value in the lives of people connected to it in any form.

4. To bring back a touch of college lifestyle for alumni by reminiscing the most happening event of Techo.

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