1. How can I register myself for any event of FOOTPRINTS?

There are 2 ways in which you can register for any event of FOOTPRINTS:
  1. Offline Registration:

    • Fill the Registration form with all your personal details, which will be available at the Registration desk at the campus of FTE, MSU during college hours.
    • If you are not a localite, then we have got our propagation teams, who will visit your college during the Jan-Feb period; fill out the registration forms at that time by visiting the registration desk set up at your college premises.
    • Forms and passes would be available with your college's College Leader (CL), if there is one; you can get the forms from him/her and pay the required event fees.
  2. Online Registration:

    • Visit the Registrations Home and register yourself in the event you wish to take part in.
    • You will be sent a Confirmation e-mail from FOOTPRINTS, which will display your personal details and event details as per the form you filled online.
    • It will provide you a unique id called FP id, which will be of the form FP-xxxx. You are required to remember/store this id for future and bring it on the day of event. Note that It is compulsory for you to have your FP-id during the event.
    • Along with the FP-id, the mail will also contain your Team id/Event id, which will be common for all members of your team. This team id is also essential for your team events and will be used mostly for declaring results of various rounds of your event.
    • Except for those events which do not require you to pay fees at that instant (in case of online eliminations or abstract selections), for all other events there will be online payment through Credit/Debit card.
      • Procedure for payment of Fees:
      • Click "Profile" and enter the username and password provided earlier.
      • Click the button and you will be directed to that has the details of the event along with participation fees, where you can pay online through Credit/Debit Card.
      • The status of your participation will be notified via a confirmation mail sent to you as soon as we receive the participation fees.
      • For any further query, please visit

2. I haven't received my FP-id through mail. What should i do?