Ankur Sorathia

MBA, Business Analyst

Footprints has been a wonderful journey for me. Through all my experiences at FP, whether great or challenging, I have learned many important lessons of life. It gave me the ability to think beyond and the courage of not being afraid when taking big risks. To me all that time spent at FP made a huge difference as it bolstered my confidence to pursue my dream and gave me courage to opt a very unconventional discipline like Sports management as a career. FP is still very close to my heart and it has given me many life-long friends and many memories to cherish forever.

-Head Organizer X2

Sharad Akbari

Senior Engineer at L&T Power

For me FootPrints is knowledge Hub. The knowledge which can't be taught from books. During three years in FP I have realized that it is not just national technical event but, it is the platform where everyone can develop and showcase their interest and skills. And that’s what happened with me. Footprints has transformed me to confident and disciplined person. Whatever I am today is just because of this. And the most important thing I have achieved is so caring and loving friends with which you can share your happiness, sadness, joy, success. It is the best experience of my life and always be. Very lucky for being an FPite. Think BEYOND


Kartikey Desai

Consultant at EY

This is something on which i probably like to write a whole book rather than few words! Yes, Footprints might be just a name of a national level technical event for those who are not really part of it but for me it is everything! A preacher A guide A motivator Because of footprints i learnt how to speak, how to handle any damn bad situation, how to find a new way and mainly how to DREAM ON! A life long bond with those people who are best in their fields! In short if you are suffering from any problem and if it is not sharable with your family mind you still have the second one ready to solve any kind of problem! ;) Proud to be an FPITE!


Shama Patel


FootPrints! Undoubtedly the best experience of all four years of engineering. Nurtured me into a better person, gave me a new family and taught me all new things. Every fp moment is treasured in my memory. Be it the cranky meetings, lousy night outs or those tiresome three days. FootPrints is not a mere event, but a phenomenon to most of us. That phenomenon which introduced us to a new perspective of life. To be called an fpite is indeed the matter of great pride for me. Long Live FootPrints


Anand Lad

Analytics Specialist, McKinsey & Company

The journey from X3 as a Volunteer to X6 as the Coordinator has extensively been a learning process both intelectually and technically. Of all the treasure that my bag has, living the FPite life will surely top the stack. FootPrints will always find a place in my priority list, wherever and whatever I be, for it has been a catalyst for my present endaevors and got me a bunch of friends as close as family and beyond! In CamelCase, GoodLuck!

-Coordinator X6

Hanil Acharya

Product Manager, HDFC Bank

When I think of Footprints, and its contribution in my life, I just can't recollect any one particular quality which Footprints gave me. All the 'professional' qualities which make me worth in the competitive era are nothing but the gifts of Footprints to me. College life for me is nothing but the glorious time spent at DC. Hardworking, creativity, optimum recourse utilization, proactive skills, etc are few not all to mention the gifts from Footprints to me. And I am sure to all of us. I am sure you all know what I mean by optimum resource utilization.


Smit Shah

Senior EPM Consultant, Intellicore Consulting Group

"FootPrints was the best phase of my life. It taught me how to understand requirements, know people and seize those opportunities. It ignited the fire of dedication, passion and love, which still refuses to cease. Thank you FootPrints. :)"

-Coordinator X5

Hardik Patel

Brand Management, Nykaa

FootPrints- For me, it was truly the learning phase of my college life. "Techoite and FPite" this two words can define me and what I have achieved today. Selection to L&T is surely because of what I learned from Fp.


Dhrumil Shah

Lead Influencer & Loyalty Programme, Shell

FootPrints- A national level technical event for all, but for me the punchline is always "An ocean of opportunities!" One can change him or her, yes of course, with fun and amusement. The only learning process which was never boring!

-Coordinator X6

Dhaval Prajapati

Mahindra Susten

Getting into the Faculty of Technology & Engineering, having known about FootPrints, being a part of it in the second attempt, my life witnessed an immense transformation. I learnt, I grew and it showed off in the most important event of my Journey of engineering - The campus placement of Mahindra Susten. This tenure also gave me a family beyond my home which I'll cherish for the rest of me and more. Long Live FootPrtins!


Shrida Phatak

Associate Business Analyst,Infosys

Being a part of team for was lyk celebrating the most cheerful moments of life. It has changed me compltely...not only helped me to improve over the tech area..but to taught how to deal with diff situations that wld come across.. the most imp was time management And yes...got the friends for life...the library gang and the second home during my clg days...DC


Soham Shah

Senior Manager, Reliance

FootPrints; 4 years back it was just a 10 letter word but now it seems as a phenomenon for me, a phenomenon that changed me, groomed me, taught me and made me what I'm today. It gave me family, friends and memories that I'll cherish for life. Today I'm placed with Reliance Industries Limited and FootPrints is one of the reason behind this. Long Live FootPrints.


Meet Patel

Senior Software Engineer, PathPartner Technology

FootPrints is an important part and a big turning point in my life. Due to FP, I've explored many new things and various unexpected talents also have came out. It is the best experience of our college life & it is an honour to work in a semi professional environment at college level.


Jithin Varghese

Junior Engineer, Indian Railways

FootPrints - my second family, which became my identity at college. It was like something which made me feel the world in nutshell. Getting placed at Accenture , TCS, Infosys and Adani with such low score was just one of the blessings by fp.Love to be a part of the FP family.

-Coordinator X6

Upasana Wadhwani

Operations Safety, BASF

Three years back when I joined Footprints, I have never thought that it would be the best journey of my college life. This journey has taught me a lot and made me a person what I am today ! It has given me a new family and sweet memories which holds a special place in my heart !


Tushar Patel

Production Engineer at GFL

FootPrints - It is more than an event for me. FootPrints played a major role in the success which I have got today.


Jainam Shah

As an hostellite, the life around this dome was merely a routine which I never complained about but then came FootPrints and I got drenched in the grandeur it carries and improved upon myself in all possible fronts. The little charisma that I carry and the hands I shake in the faculty, I owe it to FootPrints. I wish and hope FootPrints influences more such lives like me. thinkBEYOND


Priten Vasa

Business Analyst, Utopus Insights

First of all I would thanks universe to give me everything I need at right time and right place and FootPrints is paramount part of it. FootPrints was journey starting from X3 to X6 which started with inception encircling all the moments and but never ended bcoz we always demand more from that source.


Sanket Patel

Co-founder FP AA

FootPrints is the best thing of my college life. I have learnt things I never thought of in the past, seen opportunities that have no bounds, experienced things at the extremities and most importantly, shaped me into a person who is competent to handle the worst of the hardships in the life. Thank You FootPrints!


Parth Korde

Senior Engineer, Thornton Tomasetti Co-founder FP AA

I am glad that it shaped me so well that I have been able to utilize my time efficiently for FP so constructively. Imagining about something and executing it the way we want gives a feeling one can never imagine of! FP has been the most instrumental facet that has helped me achieve what I have today.

-Associate Head, Core Committee X5

Chirag Sankhat

CEO D-ARC Studio, Co-founder FP AA

Its not only event for me, it is much more than that FootPrints gave me a countless things. Still I'll try to cover most of it A great FAMILY friends for life unbelievable experience skills that I never expected in my life. Fp fulfilled my collage life. have a great and successful upcoming FootPrints.