FootPrints Social Responsibilty

Tree Plantation and Dustbin Installation

To make the campus greener and environment friendly FootPrints team organized Tree Plantation program where numerous saplings were planted and also taken care of. As a promoter of clean India Movement, dustbins were installed in and around the campus. Seperate bins were kept for wet and dry garbage, thus spreading awareness among students.


Bridging the Generation Gap

FootPrints took a step ahead for connecting the generations, walking on parallel paths, through an invisible bridge of wisdom.


The Dynamics of HIM=HER

Any serious shift towards more sustainable societies must include gender equality. FootPrints in an attempt to take this ideology a step ahead, presented "The Dynamics of HIM=HER". A step to make people realize that the only difference between a man and a woman is an XY instead of XX.


Adopting The Responsibility Of A Better Tomorrow : UMARWA

Here's our share to pay back the society its bestowment. For us, apart from the technical journey, it's also about a heart and a soul.


Eye Check-Up Camp : SHAHPURA

"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." FootPrints conducted an eye checkup camp in Shahpura to give the eyes a new lease of life.


Father's Day

"A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow." This was a small gratitude from Team FootPrints to the real life heroes.


Made World Record : SAY NO TO PLASTIC

Under the "Say No To Plastic" campaign, we made a world record to make the world's largest paper bag to try and create awareness among the people to use more paper bags and say no to plastic.