War Of Words

Debate Competition

Problem Statement

Test your critical thinking skills and scrutinize the given subject matter.


1. The topic of debate will be announced 2 days in advance.
2. Paper reading is not allowed.
3. Each debater will have to keep their camera and microphone on during whole session and will be allowed to speak for a maximum 5 minutes.
4. The medium of expression will be either English or Hindi only.
5. One team will speak in the favour whilst other will oppose the given topic.
6. In case of any dispute, the decision of the core committee would be final and abiding to all.


Round 1 - Selection round.
Round 2 - Final round
NOTE : Participants will get the participation certificate, if and only if the participant be present during the event.


Event Incharge

  • Ishika Khatri
  • Ronald Macwan